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Hi lovelies! The saga of getting to know me continues. Isn’t it amazing how you can easily get a sense of who I am through a simple blog post? I love it! Apart from being a boss lady at Sunny and Beau, I am your average mum with an addiction to coffee and food! I mean, I don't like to cook but I sure love the eat!

My weekdays always start with a strong coffee in a mug that says “you’ve got this” to give me a good push before I attend to business needs. Then, I make sure to squeeze in some singing and dancing, some mum duties and occasionally a bath with the kids. To end the day, I will have a glass of red wine (when the kids go to bed of course), followed by reading a good book before bed (without fail!).

I absolutely enjoy what I do, but it is not always easy nor is it perfect. I suffer from anxiety, and since Sunny was born, I have had to take medication for it. I swear a lot, find it challenging to cope with confrontation and manage my time poorly. Those things are a work in progress and the reason I am sharing this is because we all have things about ourselves that we need to work on. Nobody is perfect. What matters is how we deal with it and what we are doing to improve it.

It has become routine when Matt (my partner) works FIFO and does 4 weeks away. But when he is back for another 4 weeks, I get to relax a little bit better. Speaking of, did you know Matt and I are not married? But we have been together for 22 years! Crazy right? However, we are insanely happy the way we are. I would not change a damn thing.

So yeah! That's my day in a nutshell. 

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